Is this a full game?

Nope! The World V:R is the term we're using when we refer to recreating areas from the series (completely scale-for-scale, these are the highest quality recreation models you will find online) and putting them into a pre-existing PC app called "VR Chat" as social VR Chat rooms. We also put any models we recreate online for people to download and use.

So I need to download VR Chat to join?

Yes! There is no account system or anything for The World V:R specifically as it's just a couple of rooms inside a giant universe of social rooms that is VR Chat. But having a VR Chat account definitely is a necessity. Luckily, they are free, super fast to make, and allow you to upload any custom avatars you'd like for your use (including TW V:R's avatars!). You can download the VR Chat program on Steam if you're using a Vive/Gear VR/Cardboard, and from their site for the Oculus version if playing on the Rift or without VR. It'll be coming to the Oculus store shortly, so soon a download from the website won't be necessary in the near future.

What can I do in TW V:R?

Very good question! As of right now, we have several areas up (check the stickied 'Server Status' post for the most up to date info on which areas are currently available), all with a basic gating system to go in between. The system is quite different from the .hack// games due to having to be more visual in accommodating Virtual Reality (VR and menus in general don't mesh very well), and as of right now there is no keyword system. Players are able to explore the areas and communicate with each other via the in-app Voice Chat, and there are definitely some secrets to be found. A full list of expected features is very difficult to talk about because it ultimately depends on what capabilities the VR Chat SDK allows us to put into the areas, but fighting monsters and going through dungeons is definitely something that is possible. We're also working out a system for shops, so we'll have a lot more to talk about in the near future. But as of right now, it's mostly exploring and socializing.

Can I fall into a coma while playing this?

While we can work to recreate the spirit of The World as an online game, I'm not sure if we can recreate it quite *that* much. However, it is worth mentioning that we do regularly make changes to areas to add or take away secrets. A great example is the Aura statue in HFHG going missing for a month last year, but I'm certain players will be spreading rumors of many more oddities within the rooms.

Do I need a VR Headset to play?

Nope! Of course it's a lot cooler with one, but there are multiple ways to experience VR Chat!

No VR:

Download the Oculus version version of VR Chat to play without a headset.

Oculus Rift:

Plug in the oculus Rift, and under your Oculus settings, enable Unknown Sources. Then download and run the Oculus version of VR Chat.

HTC Vive:

Plug in the Vive, and then download and run the Steam version of VR Chat.

PlayStation VR:

Since the VR Chat client currently isn't on PSVR (and likely may not be for some time), the best method to play using a PSVR headset is using the app Trinus VR on your PC. Send me a message on The World Social VR Chat page and I'll help you get this one set up correctly.

Samsung Gear VR:

This one you'll actually need to use another piece of software called VRidge Riftcat, but as long as you have a decent gaming PC and a Gear VR, you can do it. Send a message to this page and I'll guide you through the steps!

Cardboard VR/Google Daydream VR:

Same deal as with the Gear VR, just send me a message and I'll help you get this one sorted out!

Ok, so I've got the program downloaded and have made an account. What do I do now?

This one's super easy! Navigate to to the homepage and click on one of the gates to enter into a root town of your choice!